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CCP Elites Data Catalog


Dataset Description

The CCP Elite database provides detailed biographical information. The project builds up the most extensive job codes for positions within the Chinese government, including almost every party, the military, and government departments and sub-departments from the central level to the county level. The job identifiers also include positions in directly administered organs of the state council, bureaus administered by each ministry, temporary or cooperative offices, leading small groups in party and government, mass organizations led by the CCP, and abolished departments from 1949 on.

Key Variables

  • birth year
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • county-level birthplace
  • education level
  • university alma mater
  • year of entering and retiring from the CCP
  • work experience prior to becoming a CCP member
  • revolutionary and purged background
  • all the job trajectories that senior cadres have experienced since 1949

Time Range

Currently, the database contains all full and alternate Central Committee members since the founding of the party up to the 18th Party Congress, as well as all provincial standing committee members since 1976.

Basic Unit

Individual level

Number of Observations

There are 2,411 administrative units, 1,040 universities and colleges, and 15,000 job specifications in the codebook.

Data Size



Political science

Access Permission

Use by author’s or owner’s permission.

Last Update


Project Investigator

Victor Shih


21st Century China Center, UC San Diego


Victor Shih


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